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YOURE MAJOR IS POLITICAL SCIENCE?? Omg please tell me some about it bc I've been debating on if I wanna do that or not
- Anonymous

yes!!! i’m in love with my major i’m so glad i picked it because i can’t see myself studying anything else. i don’t know where you go to college but any university should have a handful of courses that could interest you. i’ve already taken international relations, comparative politics, dictators and their demise, political ideology, american foreign policy, the bureaucratic state.. just to name a few :) 

Back to school outfit? (I'm a senior in high school still)
- Anonymous


if you can wear this i would 100% show up looking like the baddest bitch in the school. if the cropped shirt is too much for high school look for something similar but obviously make sure it covers your belly button because god FORBID people see a woman’s belly button! and again with the shorts, if you can’t wear high waisted shorts try and find ones that aren’t too high, or opt for high waisted jeans- i know urban outfitters sells good ones. and for the boots, a little excessive for high school but look for cute black ankle booties (zara, steve madden, nordstorm, free people, urban outfitters, sam edelman, even forever 21!) x

what does your boyfriend look like?
- Anonymous

go to /tagged/self and scroll down a bit